Welcome to 2018 ruggers!!!!!

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See more amazing Sarah's Scribbles @ http://www.gocomics.com/sarahs-scribbles

Spring is upon us and with that more incredible Reign Rugby. After an eventful Fall, the Reign is ranked second in the league with the Seattle Mudhens.

Come join us for our first practice of the season in Albany on February 3rd. We will get everyone on the same page and go over basics, so tell your friends!
Starting February 12th 2018, practice will take place from 6 to 8 on Mondays and every other Wednesday at Bob Keefer Center (formerly Willamalane) in Springfield, OR. The other Wednesday practice will be in Salem starting the 14th of Feb in Salem.

Thank you to all the women (that includes you coach) who donated their time, money and skill to make our fall season so great. A special thank you to our sponsors, especially Cascade Peak Performance for providing us a place to work off our holiday padding.